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Garage Door Panel Replacement

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Garage door panel replacement?
A little while ago I was riding a dirt bike around a friends driveway and when i pressed the front brake the throttle went back and I drove right into the garage. It damaged the bottom left panel. I am responsible to pay for it and was wondering if it could be repaired.

Posted Arthur

Admin: You will probably replace the entire bottom panel…from the left side all the way across to the end right panel garage doors are usually made up of 3 or for long panels…that are hinged together…an expert carpenter can probably replace just that end panel… then hopefully match the paint…compare price’s


Belt clamp to wrap 18 feet around wood garage door panel?
is there such a thing 18′ or so long to wrap horizontally around a garage door panel from both inside and outside to apply pressure? I’m hoping to de-warp a wood door panel without having to drill through it to apply pressure. ideas on something home made?Thanks.

Posted by Ven

Admin: There are pipe-clamps available where the only limitation is the length of the pipe involved. But I am not sure that is what you mean to do. If you want to flatten the door, use lengths of 2 x 4 bolted right through the door itself. Yes, this leaves holes, but they may be patched using decorative hardware or other means. It doesn’t take much to caulk a 1/2″ hole and apply a decorative medallion (for one example). And you won’t need many.